About us

Shared Hope for Orphans (SHO) Buwenge, Uganda. (Reg No. 1482) was started in 2006 as a non profit community based organization and fully registered in 2007. It offers care and support to the total Orphans in the community of Buwenge town council and Buwenge rural sub counties in Jinja district. It coordinates with some people in the United States of America, United Kingdom and other countries in recruiting volunteers, fundraising and supporting the total orphans in nourishing, sheltering, clothing and educating them. “James 1:27

We belive that all children should have equal rights, irrespective of financial issues or family breakups: Street children are also children, they are not prostitutes or garbage, they need to be told so, and more so put into it.

We have got a vision, and a mission to accomplish, under several objectives, and with God’s help, we hope to be successful.


To nourish, shelter, clothe and educate the totally orphaned children whilst assist the general community of Buwenge.


To give a hope and a future to orphaned children so that they positively transform their community and their country.

Overall goal:
To make all orphans live a happy life in Uganda.


  • To provide and maintain a permanent school structure where orphaned children can access education.
  • To construct a shelter to provide a safe and nourishing environment for the total orphaned children.
  • To develop income generating projects to ensure the sustainability of the organization’s programmes.
  • To promote awareness of issues related to HIV/AIDS and malaria which are killing parents and leaves the children orphans in the community.
  • To conduct community outreach programmes with the purpose of reducing the cause of orphan children.