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SHO has successfully facilitated now 14 adoption cases since 2012, allowing and giving a chance to a number of total orphans and abandoned children to have a brighter reliable future by lining them to appropriate, upright adoptive families abroad.

Adopted from Shared Hope for Orphans
Edrine & David Adopted to Pavelka family.

We have 550 children under our care, with over 250 orphans. over 20 children are eligible for adoption. Adoption has played a vital role as a perfect alternative to the indigenous child sponsorship program in securing a strong future foundation and a life of Hope for most of the children adopted abroad. SHO is now furthering this program to ensure a brighter and better standard of life for most of the hopeless and abandoned orphans in Uganda.

By adopting from us, the entire process supports both the children being adopted and the organisation’s position. We appreciate all considerations of Shared Hope for orphans as a viable adoption support organisation.

Shared Hope for Orphans is working with numerous law firms, as well as a number of inter-mediating adoption Agencies outside Africa.

To adopt from us, contact us directly for more specific information on the entire process,

Shared Hope for Orphans
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