Mr. Mukaaya & His Wife.One would ask why I started up this Idea of catering for the total orphaned children.A little back ground about me.

My parents were poor when I was still young, jus as it is among most people in Uganda. A gentle man called Mr. Lubaale had an orphanage, hence took me up and I was sponsored in my academics as well as basic needs, I then  imagined of how the total orphaned children surfer when looking for survival.It is because of that sponsorship that I am a Professional teacher today. Upon that I therefore decided to do the same in turn for what God had done for me.

Much of my testimonial can be got upon request.

Challenges I have had in this project:

i. Marjorly funds are the problem. Our simple projects need to be developed. The funds that would have been used to develop such projects have always been diverted to providing basic needs for the total orphaned children i.e. food, clothing among others.

ii. Most of these parents’ children died and those who have guardians are too poor to take care of them.

iii. My fellow staff members and I have been using our salaries to run most project programs, so we badly need sponsors.

iv. There’s also: Payment of workers like teachers, project workers among others Feeding children, and providing other basic needs So far children stay in their guardians’ families which are very poor even to feed them.

v. Sudden illnesses among the children which creates another set of unbudgeted expenses.

Future expectations:

  • We expect to have an orphanage where these children can stay and be well provided for.
  • We expect to have good schools for orphans ( with up-to-date modern education facilities)
  • We expect there to be a reduction of street children in Jinja
  • We expect the work of creating awareness among people about HIV/AIDS to be faster due to acquisition of modern facilities like a vehicle, speakers, and projectors, among others.
  • We expect to have safer water sources like boreholes, water tanks, and protected wells which will reduce the rapid out break of water borne diseases.
  • we expect to have good self funding projects based in the community.

The organization has:
7 acres of land around Jinja
Running projects: School, Bananas and Pineapple crops, Cattle and goats, Poultry, but on small scale

We have sofar had 10000 bricks that we made ourselves as the staff, but we expect to make them upto 30000 bricks all for the construction of the school for the total orphans.