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We are in much need of both material and financial help to continue with upbringing of our total orphaned children. Anything you can give shall work. Thank you very much.

Item no Item Quantity Amount
1 School Construction 10 classrooms; 5 office rooms  one library; one food store; one pit latrine USD 102.300
2 Orphans Home construction Accommodation for 100 total orphans USD 250.000
3 Borehole Construction (motorised/service deep well) 1 Borehole USD 10.900
4 Procure Children Van (Mini-bus – 30 seats) 1 Van USD 26.100
5 Procure a motor-cycle for easy field visits 1 Motorcycle USD 2.700
6 New Laptop Computers 4 Laptops USD 1.600 each
7 New digital Cameras 4 Cameras USD 400 each
8 A duplicating machine 1 Machine USD 2.700
9 A printer 1 Printer USD 220
10 Rice crop growing project 20 Acres USD 5.300
11 Orphans school truck 1 truck USD 20.000

To donate money, we thought that our bank account would work best. You may contact us for any other convenient means you would like to use, please don’t hesitate:

Send funds through our bank account

Please Contact Us via our “contact us page” for current means of fund donation through a bank account. Thank you.

Donate online Now!
For Donors who can use online means, please follow this link to donate to Shared Hope for Orphans – Buwenge, Thank you. Click here for the DONATIONS PAGE.

To make material donations, which would include, clothes, scholastic materials, building materials, food, among others, we strongly suggest that you contact us on our contact us page, then we shall find out the best means of transportation.

Alternatively, You may use our postal address below if it is convenient;

Shared Hope for Orphans
P. O. Box 4816

For any further enquires, please don’t hesitate, contact us