Sponsor A Child

In Uganda, families must pay for their children to go to school. Shared Hope for Orphans is providing a Primary level education to over 250 orphans at little to no charge. But the school is struggling to grow because they have little income and they have no Secondary school. So if we do not find for very poor and parent-less children especially total orphans and abandoned kids sponsors, when they finish Primary 7 (P7) they will go home and not be able to finish their education. Without an education in Uganda, it is very hard to find a job and they will never break the poverty cycle.

Your Sponsorship of $50 per month will provide:
Food, Schooling, Boarding at School, and Basic supplies. If you cannot handle the full sponsorship we will try to find others to partner with you.

For $25 per month you could provide food and basic supplies or For $10 per month you could at least provide food for one child.

Step out and change a life forever!

For more information contact Brian Saunders,
International Programs Coordinator – USA, Tel: +1724-822-1960 or email him; brian@sharedhopefororphans.org