Brian Saunders
International Programs Coordinator
Brian was born in Rupert-USA, VT, a small town where he went to a 2-room schoolhouse from K- 6. He has 6 sisters and 2 brothers and many nieces and nephews. Brian is a very active person who came to Buwenge Uganda, under Shared Hope for Orphans (SHO), as a volunteer – and taught English to Primary seven class for over a month, there was a lot to learn and share with him. Brian is also an adoptive parent who adopted Joel and Yusuf from SHO's Orphanage. "In February of 2015, I was able to bring our 2 new sons, Joel and Yusuf to America".

His tasks as SHO’s IPC include trying to help people understand their adoption process, trying to get the children from the orphanage sponsors so they can continue their education, and fundraising in the U.S.A.

Tel: +17248221960

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Alone Mukaya
Founder & Director
Mukaya Alone, married to Rebecca has three boys. He was born in Kyerinda Zone, Buwenge town Council, Jinja district in Uganda. One would ask why I started up this Idea of catering for the total orphaned children. My parents were poor when I was still young, just as it is among most people in Uganda. A gentle man called Mr. Lubaale had an orphanage, hence took me up and I was sponsored in my academics as well as basic needs, I then imagined of how the total orphaned children surfer when looking for survival. It is because of that sponsorship that I am a Professional teacher today. Upon that I therefore decided to do the same in turn for what God had done for me. I love to support the orphaned, needy and abandoned children rampant in our region so that they may live a better life in the future.

Tel: +256774131964 | +256751131964

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Livingstone Ntuyo
General Projects’ Coordinator
Livingstone, also nicknamed "Bam" is a loving father of twins Joram and Jenita. Bam is a very active hardworking, gentleman most gifted in interpersonal relationships that have made SHO what it is now.
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Rebecca Nabirye
General Secretary
A mother of three boys, Rebecca - a caring and naturally loving lady among children and adult in Shared Hope for Orphans couples as Mr. Mukaya's wife. As the organisation's secretary, Nabirye has executed her duties promptly with a high level of devotion.
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Philip Mato Wakadala
Volunteer Support Team Leader
Philip is a humorous, pragmatic, and quite hardworking gentleman who has always portrayed a quality degree of devotion and commitment to seeing Shared Hope for Orphans advance through success.
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Moses Mwiru
In Charge of Children
Mwiru is a simple person, but with a steady persistence concerning accomplishment of his roles and duties in SHO. We are privileged to have him on Board for his unfailing support and continuous courage under all kinds of Bottlenecks.
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Peter Kalende
Peter Kalende is a married man with 9 children. Kalende is a faithful, honest and transparent person whose qualities and modesty merited him for his current position in SHO as the General Treasurer. His special abilities to handle finances have made us who we are.
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Alone Bamulambe
Project Technician
Bamulambe is SHO's quick-to-run-to Engineer, who does most of the technical staff in the organisation. His fast operating pace has so far been unmatched in SHO, we are proud of him working hand-in hand with us. He is indeed a blessing to us.
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